Model XT-550




Overall Length



Overall Width

24"  (26" w/Armrests)


Weight of Heaviest Part  
57 lbs.


Total Weight

(Less Batteries)

144 lbs.


Maximum Speed

4 mph forward
2.5 mph reverse


Ground Clearance

(With 10" Rear Tires)



Maximum Weight of Operator

550 lbs.


Seat Height

(Manual Adjustment)




Available Colors: 
Red, Blue and Hunter Green. 
White color no longer available.

The new XT-550 accommodates riders up to 550 pounds.  The XT-550 has a triple reinforced seat frame, reinforced seat post, and

reinforced non-skid front fender footrests -- making this one of the most capable scooters available.  


The XT-550 is only 48 inches long, and has a turning radius that makes it as maneuverable as most small scooters - so you donít have

to sacrifice indoor operation to get a heavyweight scooter. 


Special Features Include:

Additional Aluminum Crossbracing

Provides greatly increased frame strength with minimal weight added to the scooter.


Deluxe Extra Large Cloth Seat

Wider and deeper than most scooter seats for maximum comfort, these seats also include adjustable width armrests (out to 26").  A vinyl seat is also available.


More Power- The  XT-550 is equipped with added special gearing to give the rider approximately 20% more power than the already powerful  Scooter. 


DISASSEMBLY -  You won't believe how easy it is. The frame separates in seconds with the pull of a handle. 


TRANSPORTATION - It goes where you go. It's easy to handle and loads within seconds. The heaviest piece weighs only 43 pounds. 



TILLER ADJUSTMENT - The control is at your finger tips, so there's no need to bend over and adjust the tiller angle. Four positive locking

positions give you easy accesses and a comfortable ride.


LEG ROOM - Plenty of leg room and a smooth floor make the XT-550 easy to get on and gives you a comfortable ride. 


ALUMINUM FRAME - Aluminum gives the XT-550 more strength with less weight... and no rust.


EASY TO USE - Fully variable speed control provides smooth starting and stopping. A dial control allows you to set your maximum speed.

The electro-mechanical brake comes on automatically when you stop and releases automatically when you start. A key lock is provided for security.



POWERFUL - 24volt DC motor combined with rear wheel drive provides plenty of power to go where you want to go.