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As a Joint Commission Accredited Medical Equipment Dealer it is our responsibility to FIRST! educate you on the FACTORS that are important in buying an Electric Home Care Product.  We understand that COST is always a primary concern.    We Guarantee the Lowest Price! denver co. Your 100% Satisfaction is our only goal.  We believe that SHARING INFORMATION is the key to finding you the right Product for your Weight, Height, Age, Physical, Health and Environmental Conditions.  Please take the 5 to 15 minutes time sharing information with an Electric Home Care Specialist.  Our Secret Formula for Success is to sincerely help you find the right product - even if that means telling you where to buy elsewhere!  (we'd rather not sell you a wrong product, especially where your safety may be at issue.)  We've been helping people Since 1964 . . . and when you have been doing the same thing for 45 years, you get pretty good at it. 


MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72 Specifications Serving Los Angeles Wheelchair Elevator for School, Porch, Mobile Home, Residential, LA Commercial, Church - American Disabilities Act - ADA - Handicap Elevators

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MACS-PL50-PL72 Los Angeles Dealer


Description of Product - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72

The product described herein, manufactured by Mac's Lift Gate Inc., Long Beach, CA, is a precision vertical platform lifting device consisting of a machine tower with lifting platform, selected and dimensioned to provide adequate lifting height to suit the residential  building requirement.  The lift is capable of being used indoors and outdoors to vertically transport a wheelchair user or otherwise mobility-impaired person, up and over a low-rise barrier created by stairs, thus creating access to or within the building.

MAC'S Vertical home Lift PL-50 PL50 PL72 Elevator, mobility, mattress

Quality Assurance

MAC'S Vertical home Lift PL-50 PL50 PL72 Elevator

Manufacturing - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72

A company with not less than forty (40) years of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of specialized lifting equipment for handicapped and geriatric consumers should supply the lift.

Performance Requirements - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72

The unit shall be assembled and pre-wired (less optional equipment and necessary gates) and manufactured with adequate lifting and load capacity for application described elsewhere in this specification.
The unit shall be easy to operate by the user or attendant, and shall be capable of functioning in all weather conditions.
The unit shall have the capacity to lift up to 500lbs.  to the desired lifting height up to a maximum lift height of 50 inches (4 feet 2 inches) and 72 inches (6 feet).

Composition of Materials - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72 

Machine tower: 14 gage cold rolled steel.
Base frame: 1 1/2" square x 3/16" wall structure steel tubing.
Lift weldment: 1 1/2" x 3" x .188" wall structure steel tubing.
Tower cap: 10 gage cold rolled steel plate
Side Guard Panels:  20 gage cold rolled steel sheet panel, 1" square x .120" & .083" gauge steel tubing (frame).
Platform: 14 gage cold rolled steel plate with slip resistance surface.
Access ramp: 11 gage steel steel plate with slip resistance surface.
Electrical box:  16 gage galvanized steel
Switch box:  Hi-impact A.B.S. Thermoplastic instrument case.
Limitations:  Vertical platform lift shall operate both indoors and out, and must be anchored on a level, 4" thick, 3500 psi reinforced concrete surface or pad.

Electrical System

Wiring - MAC'S  Vertical Home Lift PL-50 &PL-72

The unit shall be pre-wired by manufacturer with exterior grade thermoplastic coated wiring.  Extension Cord, 14 gage Ul-cSA approved is recommended if power source is not within three (3) feet of Machine tower.  Machine may also be wired using water proof conduit.

Powder Coat Finish

Prep, Primer, & Powder Coat Process - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72


1.  3 Stage wash, soapy water, clear water, and Iron Phosphate which is applied to parts.
2.  Parts are inspected and scuffed
3.  Epoxy Primer is applied
4.  Parts are baked at 250 degrees for 15 minutes
5.  Parts are inspected and scuffed if needed
6.  Huebert O'Brian Powder-TGIC Polyester
7.  Mixed with Paint, Color Almond PFT-500-S8
8.  Powder Coat is applied and baked at 400 degrees for 30 minutes
9.  Parts are inspected and scuffed if needed

Saftey Devices

The unit shall have the following safety features for protection of users and the general public:

  • Upper and lower limit switches

  • Final limits switch

  • Instant Reverse Motor

  • Powered with 110 volt AC current, by 1/2 HP motor, 6.4 Amp

  • Grounded electrical system

  • Heavy duty worm drive gear box with heavy duty #50 lifting chain

  • Automatic access ramp

  • 36" solid sides on non-enter and exit sides of platform

  • Non-Skid platform and access ramp surface

  • Key-lock control

  • Emergency stop switch on main platform control

  • Platform safety pan to stop decent of platform if obstruction is encountered

  • 3" locking top and bottom landing gates provided with mechanical G.A.L. interlock

  • Switching & Control system 24 VAC low voltage current

Installation - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72

The contractor shall do all work and supply all materials necessary for the complete installation.  It is the intent of this specification to outline boradly the equipment required but not to cover the details of design and construction.

Maintenance - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72

Maintenance of the vertical platform lift unit shall consist of regular cleaning of the unit, protection of the painted surface of the unit.

Warranty - MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72

Unit shall have one (1) year limited warranty on the basic unit and electrical system with a two (2) year warranty of drive train components.


This specification has been written to assist you and your consumer in preparing an accurate and detailed descsription for specifying a vertical platform lift.  All or part of this specification may be reproduced.  Additional technicalis available from our Product Engineering Department.

MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72 Specifications Wheelchair Elevator for School, Porch, Mobile Home, Residential, Commercial, Church - Handicap American Disabilities Act

MACS-PL50-PL72 Los Angeles Showroom

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MAC’S Vertical Home Lift System Type

PL-50            ( Maximum platform lifting height 50”)



PL-72           ( Maximum platform lifting height 72”)



MAC’S Vertical Home Lift System Options-Add to System Price

Right turn 90 Degree Exit Platform


Safety Pan Platform


Solid  Sides Platform            (36”high; does NOT include Platform Gate option)


Larger Platform                     (35”wide x 54” long)


Bolt on Platform                    (To help get lift indoors, around corners or upstairs; specify when ordering)


Upper Landing Gate              (36” high & includes Interlock)   


Larger Upper Landing Gate  (36” high 35” W & includes Interlock


90 Deg Upper Landing Gate  (36” high & includes Interlock)


Platform Gate & Solid Sides  (36” high & includes Interlock; avail w/Solid Sides ONLY)


Strike for Door or Gate


Emergency Stop


Call/Send Switches (2)


Hand Held Remote


Extra Transmitter


Bolt on Hand Rail


Portable System


DC System – Battery Powered Lift


ANSI System – See Pricing & Options Below


MAC’S Vertical Home Lift ANSI System -$1,500.00 deposit w/order required

PL-50 ANSI Lift  (Includes safety features below * ; max platform lifting height 50”)



PL-72 ANSI Lift  (Include safety features below * ; max platform lifting height 72”)



*Call/Send Switches (2)              *Emergency Stop                 *Solid Sides    (36” high)                *Safety Pan

*Upper Landing Gate    (36” high & includes Interlock)          *Platform Gate         (36” high & includes Interlock)

MAC’S Vertical Home Lift ANSI System Options-Add to ANSI System Price


90 Degree Exit Platform   (Includes 90 Deg Upper Landing Gate, Platform Gate & Interlocks)


DC System – Battery Powered Lift    (Does NOT include battery, requires one U1 battery)


MAC’S PSL-50 Portable Stage Lift  deposit w/order required


PSL-50 Portable Stage Lift  (Includes safety features below * ; max platform lifting height  50”


*Call/Send Switches (2)             *Emergency Stop                         *Solid Sides         (36” high)           *Safety Pan

*Entrance & Exit Side Platform Gates                  (36’high  & includes Interlock)                      *Portable

MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72 Specifications Wheelchair Elevator for School, Porch, Mobile Home, Residential, Commercial, Church - Handicap American Disabilities Act Please call for 800-727-1954


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MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL-50 & PL-72 Specifications Wheelchair Elevator for School, Porch, Mobile Home, Residential, Commercial, Church - Handicap American Disabilities Act



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MAC'S Vertical home Lift PL-50 PL50 PL72 Elevator, mobility, mattress

LA MAC'S Vertical Home Lift PL50 & PL72 Specifications Wheelchair Elevator Los Angeles for School, Porch, Mobile Home, Residential, Commercial, Church - American Disabilities Act - ADA - Handicap Elevators

Porch School Mobile Home Church Wheelchair Elevators


Before You Buy An Electric Wheelchair-Elevator, we ask you the following questions:

1.  How many feet do you have to go up?
2.  Commercial or Residential Setting?
3.  Are you going to be transporting an Electric Wheelchair?
4.  What Are Your Plans for Entrance and Exit of the Wheelchair-Elevator?
5.  What type of area are you planning to put the Wheelchair-Elevator on?

If you are using the Wheelchair Elevator for a simple Porch-type Setting, we would highly recommend the MAC PL-50 (for up to 52") or the PL-72 (up to 72") or the Wheelchair Elevators by Trus-T-Lift.  The Trus-T-Lift manufactures Models that can go all the way up from the first story to the second story. 

The Right Product for You!


Mac's Lift


Ram Manufacturing


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