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Molift floor based lifters...

...the world's leading patient lifters
Patient lifters, and patient moving and handling solutions from Molift are designed to follow the natural movement of the body, and produced to meet and exceed all international ISO and national safety standards. In the personal lift and homecare market, Molift provides a range of patient floor lifters, accessories and slings, that enable you to find and customize the ideal solution for your own unique needs and requirements.

To view our selection of leading homecare patient lifters and solutions please browse below.

Molift Smart 150

The Molift Smart 150 is a robust portable patient lifter uniquely designed for movement and patient lift around the home.

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Molift Quick Raiser 1

The unique design of the Molift Quick Raiser 1 allows the patient to rise from a seated position through a motion that not only follows the natural movement of the body, but supports it.

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Molift Quick Raiser 2+

The Molift Quick Raiser 2+ patient lifter is our latest and most advanced portable floor lifter within the Quick Raiser series designed upon the core principles and revolutionary ground breaking design of the award winning Molift Quick Raiser 1.

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Molift professional safe patient handling products and solutions
Molift Inc also carries a range of professional safe patient handling products and solutions uniquely and specifically designed for hospitals, medical institutions and other safe patient handling facilities.

Molift Partner 205

The Molift Partner 205 patient lifter is designed for use in profesisonal environments such as hospitals, nursing institutions and homes covering the majority of lifting situations.


Molift Partner 255

The Molift Partner 255 is the ideal patient lifter for caregivers and nursing professionals providing optimal lift stability, patient safety, support and comfort.


Molift Nomad

Molift Nomad is the award-winning portable ceiling lifter that provides patient lifting flexibility for nurses and caregivers between nursing rooms, hospital wards and medical facilities.


Patient lifters...
...designed for you and your needs

Compact and portable
Safe and assuring
Four point harness suspension
Rechargeable batteries
Automatic service indicator
Introducing the all new Molift Smart 150
Our most cost effective home lifter, the Molift Smart 150 represents a new standard in home nursing and home patient lifter solutions. Small, compact yet capable of lifting upto 330 lbs.
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Learn more about personal lifters...

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What our users say....
I love the Molift Quick Raiser because its small, easy to use and can move in and out of every room in my home. Even the smallest rooms like my bathroom which makes live so much easier for me now.
Robert Calhoun, Florida
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About MoLift Inc

For over 20 years, Molift, have provided the world with award winning and leading patient lift solutions. Solutions which provide patient lifting and transfer through floor based patient lifts, ceiling lifts, patient handling, support aids and slings.

From MoLifts very beginning, when entrepreneur and inventor, Hans Kasper Andresen, designed and engineered the world's first battery-powered lift, Molift has always focused on creating patient handling and lifting solutions which provide safety, security, comfort and dignity for every patient. Whilst many patient lift techniques and market products do not provide sufficient support for either patient or caregiver, Molift products are uniquely designed in combination with ergotherapists and physiotherapists, to remove stress and reduce neck and back injuries to nurses and caregivers that can otherwise result from daily lifting and patient handling.

MoLifts responsibility and committment to homecare, nursing and caregivers.
Through imitating and supporting the natural movement of the body during patient lifting, patient moving and patient handling, every Molift product is designed to improve the quality of life for both the caregiver and the patient.

It is through MoLifts continued committment and dedication to the removal of strain and load on the nurse or caregivers shoulders, back and lumbar regions, that elevates and distinguishes Molift and Molift patient lifting solutions from other manufacturers as the world's leading patient lifting and handling specialist.

Achieving the highest standards and exceeding requirement expectations.
In design, development, production, service and support, Molift imposes the highest demands on every product and solution offered to the homecare and healthcare industries. Every Molift product is produced to the highest ISO standards, as well as all national safety and guideline requirements.

Molift Group AS.
The Molift Group is based in Norway, with headquarters in the capital of Oslo. In the United States, the Molift Group is represented by Molift Inc, in Tampa, Florida.

The Molift Group is owned by Katalysator, the investment division of the Møller Group. The Møller Group has a total of 2300 employees and an annual turnover of 10 billion Norwegian Kroner (NOK).


AUTHORIZED DEALER OF MOLIFT.  WE ARE NOT MOLIFT.  Most of the information on this page can be found at:  To order from an Authorized Dealer, please call Elaine Latham at (800)477-0248 for the GUARANTEED WORLD'S LOWEST PRICE ON MOLIFT!