Pool Lifts

 Bath, Pool & Spa Lifts come in many different Sizes, Types, Models and Options to address.  We are authorized dealers from 7 different Bath, Pool and Spa Lift Manufacturer's and will recommend the product that is always best for your needs.  Learning what is available in your search for the right Bath, Pool and Spa Lift can be confusing, and we are here to help you sort it out.  Our motto since 1964 has been "Your Comfort Is Everything!" . . . and when you have been doing the same thing for 45 years, you get pretty good at it.

Pool Lifts

About Aqua Creek Products

Rebel Lift
Rebel™ Aqua Creek Lift
Scout Lift
Scout™ Lift
Ranger Lift
Ranger™ Lift
Patriot Portable Pro Pool Lift
Patriot Portable™ Lift
Revolution Lift
Revolution™ Lift
Pro Pool Lift
Pro Pool™ Lift
Titan 600 Lift
Titan 600™ Lift

The benefit of the Ranger Swimming Pool Lift is its low price. The Scout Swimming Pool Lift can fit into existing anchors and the Rebel Swimming Pool Lift does not require any anchors. Please call us to complete a profile guide for each body of water and we will work with the AquaCreek to determine the best lift for each application.  The Revolution Swimming Pool Lift would be the ideal lift as it will handle both the Spa and the Pool as long as they are next to each other and the Spa is also flush with the deck as the pool is. You do need the unit to be fixed with an anchor. Attn:  Hotels: Keep in mind that Swimming Pool Lifts are permanent installations that have to be in place 24/7 and not to be pulled out when you have a guest that needs access to the Pool or the Spa. What facilities are doing to keep kids off of the unit, is remove the battery and keep it at the desk until the lift is needed. Also there is a cover that can be put over the unit when not in use. If the unit is installed properly you should not have a problem with the rest of the deck.

elaine latham, pool and spa lift specialistWe have access to the different manufacturers that make this kind of lift. Aqua Creek Swimming Pool Lifts are the leader in the Industry, their units that are ADA compliant also have independent certification (others do not go that extra mile as it is very expensive).  We have been working with them for 6 years and they take pride in their equipment and insist that you fill out the Pool and Spa Profile Guide (see attachment above). Each piece of equipment is built so that changes for special conditions can be incorporated. They have the parts that are needed for manufacturing however because they are so strict in their standards each lift is completed from the specs that you present.Our ElectroEASE Pool Lift Specialist, Elaine Latham, understands that Public Pools and Hotel Pools and Spas are under pressure by March, 2012 to comply with the ADA Pool Lift Regulations.  Elaine understands you want the lowest Cost, especially where multiple units are needed to purchase for many Hotel chains.  We understand that you want a handicap Pool and Spa Lift that is the best quality, ease of use, asthetics and design. There are many different models available in the entire Pool and Spa Lift industry.    We are here to make mandatory regulation as easy as possible for you, ESPECIALLY WHERE COST IS ALWAYS A CONCERN!  Please  email or call Elaine Latham today at: 800-477-0248.  You will be glad you did!


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