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Revolution Mobility
Revolution built its success by designing, manufacturing and distributing our own line of products including: Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, Homecare beds, Lift Chairs and a wide array of mobility products. We continue to offer high quality products at low prices while providing unbeatable service and support. Our business philosophy is to treat our dealers as valued partners and our end users as the reason we love what we do.

Assistive and small sit-down electric motor scooters provide important advantages to elderly and handicapped patients with mobility problems throughout the world. A power scooter is useful for persons without the stamina or arm/shoulder flexibility necessary to use a manual wheelchair. An electric mobility scooter may be the answer to your to your medical mobility needs.

Your purchase of a Pride Scooter or Invacare Scooter or another manufacturer, we will ensure your costs will be inexpensive and our prices the most competitive.



Electric Mobility Scooters are the answer for the disabled/elderly. If a power chair is vital for your daily activities, then looking at a medical mobility scooter is a must. Whether its a Pride electric scooters, or a Harmar or a Drive, getting you the right medical equipment is a must for us. At Power-Pedic, your comfort is everything.

We work with the following Medical payments: Medicare Workman’s comp workmans comp state compensation VA (Veterans) Compensation and most insurance companies.

Being disabled or dealing with obesity doesn't mean you should have limits on your life. A scooters mobility can aide you, your caretaker, nurse or loved one in providing the mobility you need.

Whether you are renting or purchasing, we have the best prices in the nation. We will work with you to providing medical equipment that meets your needs with the lowest, inexpensive cost.

Important information if you are using Medicare:

Many manufacturers of POVs advertise that their product is covered by Medicare. This may be true; however, Medicare coverage is not automatic and a POV is not covered in every case. Coverage Your doctor must determine that a POV is medically necessary and prescribe the POV for you. Warning: No supplier should try to sell you a POV that has not been first prescribed by your doctor. In order for Medicare to consider coverage of your POV, your medical condition must be such that you would be confined to a bed or chair without the use of a wheelchair and you are unable to operate a manual wheelchair. This means that Medicare will not consider coverage of your POV if: n you can walk; n you can use a manual wheelchair; n you only need the POV for leisure activities; and/or n you would not need the POV for use in your home. You must also be capable of safely operating the controls of the POV, have adequate trunk stability to ride and transfer in and out, and be able to move around in your home from room to room. The POV is usually covered only if it is ordered by your treating physician. Your doctor may also refer you to a licensed/certified medical professional, such as a physical therapist or occupational therapist. The physician will have to provide a prescription or order to your supplier and complete a “face to face” examination with you. The supplier will also come to your home to make sure you can move around from room to room safely. Payment Medicare Part B will not pay 100% of any POV.