NOW! for the Best Heavy Duty Bariatric Beds by Transfer Master.  Bariatric Beds with a 600 Pound and a 750 Pound Weight Capacity.  Sleep easier in the many positions available;  Head up and Down; Foot up and Down, Teeter Totter both ways; and Trendllenburg and Reverse Trendellenburg.  You are going to wonder how you ever got a good night's sleep without the Valiant HD Bariatric Bed by Transfer Master.

transfer master heavy duty bed


Options: Half Rails
Half Rails
Options: Big Button Hand Control
Big Button Hand Control
Options: Joystick Control
Joystick Control
Options: Hand Control Extension Cord
Hand Control Extension Cord
Options: Memory Foam Overlay
Memory Foam Overlay
Other optional features not shown: Headboard, Footboard, Hand Control Clip & Battery Back-up

Can an adjustable Transfer Master bed help me get out of bed?

Yes. First raise your bed's head section all the way up, then lower your bed's foot section flat. You should be able to easily slide your legs to the floor while still having the support of your Transfer Master bed.
Do I need specialty sheets for my Transfer Master bed?
Many of our adjustable hospital beds are approximately the same dimensions as the most common bed sizes, so there is usually no need for specialty size sheets on a Transfer Master bed. In the event you have purchased an 84" Long Bed, we can supply you with a name and number of a company that specializes in custom size bedding.
Should I turn the mattress on my Transfer Master bed?
Yes. We suggest turning the mattress on your Transfer Master bed in order to extend the life of the mattress and to insure that it wears uniformly. We recommend that you turn the mattress on your Transfer Master bed four times a year - Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter but for better results rotate monthly.
Is there any maintenance I should do to my Transfer Master bed?
Yes. Lower the head, back, and leg section in the down position on your Transfer Master adjustable hospital bed when not in use. We recommend applying Silicone Spray in the pivot points of your bed every 4-6 months.
Do the Transfer Master electric adjustable beds require special wiring in my home?
No. The Transfer Master electric adjustable beds use standard, grounded, household outlets and require very little electricity. We strongly suggest that you do not plug your electric bed into an extension cord.
Does Transfer Master ship it's electric hospital beds to Canada?
Yes. Transfer Master does ship it's products, including all beds, to Canada and anywhere in the United States.
If I should have an issue after I have my Transfer Master bed, what steps should I take?
Please contact the location where you purchased your Transfer Master bed. If you purchased your bed directly from Transfer Master, you can contact us by clicking here.
Do you really manufacture all products in house & in the United States?
Yes, with a few exceptions, all of our components are made in the USA. We design and manufacture everything else in the USA, all our beds are final assembled in our factory in Postville, Iowa.
Do you have any dealers in our area?
We have multiple dealers, nationwide, with the list constantly growing! Call 1-877-445-6233 today to find the dealer closest to you!
What is the Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg Position?
In the Trendelenburg Position, the body is laid flat on the back with the feet higher than the head, in contrast to the reverse Trendelenburg position, where the body is tilted in the opposite direction.

The Valiant HD Bariatric Bed

The Valiant HD electric bariatric bed is a rugged, durable, heavy duty hospital bed with adjustable height, head and foot capabilities. The Transfer Master Valiant HD  bariatric bed is a full function electric hospital bed providing the user and/or caregivers complete control of the electric bed through a wired hand control. The Transfer Master Valiant HD is capable of adjusting the High/Low, the Head/Foot and Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg. A beefed up hospital bed frame and tough lifting mechanisms allow this bed to carry up to 600 lbs. The skirt boards around the bottom of the hospital bed frame add a stylish look to compliment any decor. The Valiant HD Bariatric Bed is the best choice for those situations that require a strong, sturdy High/Low bed.

The Transfer Master New Valiant Bariatric Bed

<DIV class="twocolumns"> <DIV class="col-1"> <DIV class="view"> <IMG WIDTH="367" HEIGHT="234" ALT="bariatric bed" SRC="transfermaster2.jpg"> </DIV> <P> <IMG WIDTH="367" HEIGHT="234" ALT="bariatrics" SRC="transfermaster3.jpg"><IMG WIDTH="367" HEIGHT="234" ALT="bariatric beds" SRC="transfermaster4.jpg"> <P> <IMG WIDTH="367" HEIGHT="234" ALT="extra wide" SRC="transfermaster5.jpg"><IMG WIDTH="367" HEIGHT="234" ALT="wide" SRC="transfermaster6.jpg"> <H1> Also available in the 750 Pound Super Heavy Duty Bariatric Bed by Transfer Master </H1> <P> <B>The Heavy Duty Valiant Bariatric Bed by Transfer Master</B> has Head, Foot and Hi-Low Adjustable Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Weight capacity up to 600 pounds Lowest setting approximately 22 inches from top of mattress to floor Hi-Low raises up 10 inches Orthopedic Innerspring cloth mattress, Vinyl upgrade also available Powder coat finish on deck and trim 5 Inch Swivel Lock Casters Safety thermal overload protected motors Electronics and motors have easy to service modular connections Computer and Environmental Control compatible with serial port connector Wall Bumpers and Catheter Hooks optional Model 312HSP/313HSP Available Sizes: <P> Twin Extra Long 38 by 80 inches Twin Super Long 38 by 84 inches Full Extra Long 53 by 80 inches Full Super Long 53 by 84 inches Queen 60 by 80 inches <H1 ALIGN=Center> <A TARGET="_blank" HREF="">Contact Us for Best Selection and Lowest Cost on Bariatric Beds</A> </H1> <P> <A HREF=";_ylt=AofLUWS02IT71b5MmrI_BryHNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=Garden+Grove%2C+CA" TARGET="_blank"><IMG WIDTH="326" HEIGHT="155" ALT="adjustable electric beds" ALIGN="Left" SRC="electropedic-beds.jpg"></A>12557 Harbor Bl., Garden Grove CA (800)824-3145 <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">Local Map</A> <P ALIGN=Center> <SMALL><A href=";q=12557+harbor+blvd+garden+grove+ca&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=12557+Harbor+Blvd,+Garden+Grove,+California+92840&amp;gl=us&amp;sqi=2&amp;z=14&amp;ll=33.78069,-117.914942&amp;source=embed" style="color:#0000FF;text-align:left">View Larger Map</A></SMALL>&nbsp;<SPAN class="auto-style16"><BR /> </SPAN> <H1 ALIGN=Center> <BIG><B>Serving the entire Orange County/Southern California with Electric Home Care Products.<BR> &nbsp;Since 1964</B></BIG>: &nbsp;Anaheim - 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