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    The Importance of Healthy Sleep

              Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.


  • How long does it take you to fall asleep?
  • Do you Toss and Turn trying to get comfortable?
  • Do you sleep through the night?
  • Do you wake up several times and cannot get back to sleep?
  • Do you wake up too early in the morning and cannot go back to sleep?
  • Do you feel groggy and lethargic during the day?
  • Hard to stay focused and force yourself to stay awake?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a Sleep problem. 

Suffering from lack of sleep can be affecting your quality of life.  Proper sleep is essential for good health, proper mental and emotional functioning and ultimately our safety.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has estimated more than 100,000 auto crashes annually may be fatigue-related.  Have you ever dozed at the wheel and felt the car wander or had a horn blast that woke you up in the nick of time?


There are many different reasons why there is a need for an Adjustable Bed, from having Acid Reflex or Sleep Apnea to needing an Adjustable Bed for a medical reason, to be able sleep with the head in an elevated position.  Many people sleep in a recliner because they are not comfortable in a flat conventional bed, as they have lower back issues.  It all starts with the frame having a slight bend to cradle the body.  You will never sleep flat again, the foot of the bed must always be raised at least 4 to 6", more if in a sitting position, legs are always elevated; taking the pressure off of the back, hips and keeps the person from sliding down.  When sleeping properly the body will do what it was designed to do, repair the cells.   Not sleeping deeply the cells will only be duplicated and not be repaired, so nothing changes.


The quality of sleep is more important then the quantity of sleep.  Getting enough sleep without interruptions from your environment or internal factors. Sleeping on the proper bed and mattress will result in more restful and restorative sleep.  Poor sleep can be a symptom of larger problems.  Lost productivity due to sleeplessness has been estimated to cost the national economy as much as $100 billion annually.  The Shuteye Adjustable Bed System is the place to start and your body will thank you everyday.


  Bariatric Tranquility Bed 

Buying a bed can be very confusing. Your bed is the most important piece of furniture that you own; spending more time in bed then anywhere else.  Bariatric not only applies to weight but also size.   When a wider bed is needed, it is automatically put into the Bariatric category.  If you are disabled, regardless of your weight; want a wider bed for your home that doesn’t look like a typical hospital bed, but a bed that can handle all your special needs, a bed that will work for you for years to come, you have found the right company.  The Sleeper Lounge Company was closing their factory and this bed could not disappear after 65 years of serving people in need.  Versa Products, stepped up to the challenge, redesigned the bed; now built like a Sherman Tank; has brought the bed into the 21st Century to help people in need to have more independence and a better Quality of Life.  Built completely in the USA


Superior Design

Finally a Bariatric Bed for the Home, Sleep Clinics, Mommy Rooms, Facilities and even Hotels that are offering Handicapped rooms.  The Tranquility Bariatric Bed is the only bed of this kind that will fit into any Décor and has all the features of a hospital bed.

We have a special Bariatric Heavy Duty Extra Wide Equipment Division headed by Elaine Latham (800)477-0248 that has the latest reviews, ratings and information on heavy duty, extra wide, obese and obesity equipment, including up to 1000 Pound Bariatric Beds. Elaine's division has the best info, pics and pictures on senior and elderly products and lifters for both the patient, nurse, clinic, center, facility, caregiver, nurses, . . .etc. Elaine's department includes disability bath lifters, disabled pool and disability spa lift; handicapped hoyer lifting and handicapped patient lifts.

Shuteye Beds, a division of Versa Products, Inc., offers a line of premium adjustable beds for the home and medical environment. We offer the Tranquility Bariatric Adjustable Bed which is the sturdiest, most versatile bariatric bed on the market, as well as the Cloud 9 Lifestyle Adjustable Bed which combines style and functionality in an adjustable bed suitable for any home. Shuteye Beds also offers adjustable bed accessories such as natural latex mattresses, headboards & footboards, side guardrails, overhead trapeze, and all other accessories to complete the ultimate adjustable bed.

Burke, Inc. Bariatric Beds has been specializing in Bariatric | Heavy Duty | Hospital Beds since 1979. Burke Inc. manufactures Heavy Duty Bariatric Hospital Beds, Bariatric Transport Air Mattress System, Impulse Drive System, Accu-1000 Scale System, Bariatric Equipment including Bariatric Wheelchairs and Scooters.

Burke, Inc’s newest heavy duty bariatric bed frame is the Tri-Flex II. The Tri-Flex II features: ----- 1,000 LB capacity ----- static & transfer ----- 2 patient surface widths in one frame ----- provides all positions ----- fully electric with battery back up ----- unique “Fold & Roll” design for easy delivery and set up ----- integrated scales and full frame trapeze options ----- patient egress from the foot of the bed capability

Burke Bariatric Beds "Impulse Drive" System Allows Safe and Easy Maneuverability through Variable Acceleration & Positioning. Able to make small positioning corrections in the room with ease. Moves bed down the hall at a walking pace or less at driver’s discretion. Will stop immediately yet gently by removing thumb/finger pressure off the joy stick. Easily maneuvers in and out of doorways, elevators, turns, etc. Safer for staff - reduce need for dangerous transfers and expensive cumbersome lifts. Save staff time - no combing the facility for 4-6 nurses to move a 1,000 lb. patient and bed through the facility or risk injury transferring to wheelchair.


Tri-Flex IIý Tri-Lift NEW-TRI-FLEX II AIR™
Barri-Float Foam Mattress Accu-1000 Scale Impulse Drive

An alarming amount of the population is overweight. People are living longer; some are on life saving medications causing retention of water and weight gain. Being disabled and lack of exercise is a large part of the problem. An obese person is more likely to end up in the Hospital and then be sent to a Nursing Home.

Are you prepared to handle this weight patient?

Bariatric not only applies to weight but also size. When a bed is needed other than a standard hospital bed of 36" it is automatically put into the Bariatric category. If you are a Hospital, Sleep Center, Nursing Facility or a Caregiver the problem is very real. A certain percentage of your patients will be this overweight patient and need special Bariatric equipment for the daily tasks of living. I have taken the time to research and gather the basic equipment that we all take for granted.

We Specialize in Bariatric Beds

Hospital Beds

Bariatric Hospital Beds with as much as 1200 pounds weight capacity. Hopefully you will never have to deal with that weight patient. Most Medical Facilities are upgrading their equipment just in case they have a seriously overweight patient. There are low beds that have an 800 lb weight capacity (8” from deck to floor) and will rise to 24”, then add the height of the mattress. Other beds can also be used as Gurneys, expand from 39” in width to 48”. Hospital Beds with and without Trendelenberg, Reverse and Cardio Chair options. There are different widths to Queen Size and different lengths. There are Overhead Trapezes attached to the bed, Battery Backups, Scales and many other options. Did you want the patient to exit from the foot of the bed? This feature is also available on some of our beds. Whatever your needs, we have the answer.

Big BoyzLow Bed

Tri FlexI I Burke Bed

The Big Boyz Trapeze is Durable Medical Equipment designed to provide the patient with assistance in changing body positions in addition to entering and exiting bed. The Big Boyz Trapeze has a fracture frame set-up, four (4) posted and bed mounted. This item provides the stability and security needed for the Bariatric population with a 1,000 lb. Patient Weight Capacity.

Special Extra Care Bed

This is a bed that for some patients will help them to enter and exit from the foot of the bed. This saves a lot of time and work trying to manage a patient of this size.

There are many different bed choices depending upon the manufacturer.

 Contact Elaine Latham at (800)477-0248 or email her at: