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EZ-Access Disability Ramps for Wheel Chairs and Scooters


"Our mission is to be a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and marketing of quality mobility and personal care accessories for the home health care industry. We are focused on supporting our customers through a commitment to excellence in customer service and distribution support."



Portable wheelchair ramps are a durable yet inexpensive alternative when a permanent ramp is not feasible or available. Most are designed for quick and easy use with scooters and all wheelchairs. EZ-ACCESS is the leading manufacturer of portable wheelchair ramps.

Use these icons to easily identify common usage applications as you browse our product pages below:

We appreciate that COST is a key factor for everyone, whether you are a millionaire or are primarily living off Social Security. Our advice is Free. We will always, always try to get you the best Price. This much is certain: No one will KNOW more about Mobility Ramps, or CARE more about getting you the right model, or will try to get you a better price.



What is the PRIMARY use for this ramp: (Home/Vehicle/Other)_______________________________________ 
Will the ramp be moved often or left down in one location? ___________________________________________
Is the ramp going to be used with a scooter or with a wheelchair? _____________________________________

How much ground clearance do you have? (Measure distance from the battery pack or foot rests to the floor) ___________
What is the weight of the chair with and without the occupant?


If you are planning on using the ramp for stairs, are they uniform steps (1) or staggered (2)? (See picture)


Regular Stairs.bmp (614694 bytes) Stairs with Landing.bmp (876006 bytes)


What is the height _____________ and depth of each step? ______________________________________
Are there any landings (similar to picture 2)? What is the depth? ____________________________________
How much room do you have after the last (bottom) step? (ie; length of walkway) _______________________


For van use, will you be loading through the side or back of the vehicle? ______________________________
What is the distance from the floor of the van/trunk of the car to the ground?___________________________
Will the occupant be riding the wheelchair into the vehicle? ________________________________________
What is the width of the door opening? _________________________________________________________
How much room do you have to store the ramp in the vehicle? ______________________________________

Mobility Ramp Specialists: We'll Get You the Right Mobility Ramp!

Q: I need to have a wheelchair ramp installed from my front door to the driveway. This would be my only way of getting in and out of the home unaided. Does Medicare have any benefits that will cover a portion of the cost?


A: Although wheelchairs are covered by Medicare Part B, at this time Medicare does not cover the cost of installing a wheelchair ramp to your home. For more information, contact a Medicare representative directly. To help you get started here is a list of 
Medicare phone numbers.

To learn more about the types of durable medical equipment that Medicare covers, see this booklet from Medicare, called
Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment and Devices. (Note: To read this booklet online you must have Adobe Reader installed.)

To get help installing a wheelchair ramp, here are options for you to consider:


  • Many communities across the U.S. have assistance programs to help seniors with disabilities modify their homes so they can stay in their homes longer. These modifications include wheelchair ramps.


  • To find senior assistance programs in your state, search this senior assistance program list.


  • Check with your city to find local programs. I did a Google search in the area where I live and found several community service agencies that provide free or low-cost construction assistance to modify seniors' homes with wheelchair ramps, grab bars in bathrooms, and other home modifications.


  • To find local organizations, type this into your Web browser: senior assistance (your city).

    You may find government agencies and local non-profit organizations that can help you modify your home with a wheelchair ramp.


  • If you have a Habitat for Humanity office in your area, they may be able to direct you to local organizations that can help you modify your home with a wheelchair ramp or other improvements .

    To help you plan and build the right wheelchair ramp for your needs, check out a helpful article from 


  • For a wheelchair ramp construction manual, see The Home Wheelchair Ramp Project from Wheelchairramp.org. This site also provides links to photos of wheelchair ramps under construction.

You've probably heard the expression, "Where there's a will, there's a way." If you want a wheelchair ramp to help you stay in your home, there are people and organizations that can help you make it happen.





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