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At MediTek, we appreciate that staircases, like people, come in many shapes and sizes. Therefore whatever your requirements, be they straight stairs, curved stairs, narrow stairs, outdoor stairs, heavy duty or power assisted needs, rest assured there is a MediTek stairlift solution just right for you.

Our stairlifts are manufactured to a very high standard, using only quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure years of trouble free use.

Antelope Valley, CA meditek_straight_stairlift (13K)

Meditek Stairway Stair Climber Stair Lift Straight in Palmdale Store

For homes with a straight flight of stairs, the MediTek straight is rated up to 25st (160kg) is pleasantly styled, easy to use, and exceptionally durable. Available in a range of styles and colors it will make an attractive addition to any home.

Lancaster, CA Curved Stairway

Similar to the straight lift but designed for use on staircases with multiple flights, corners and quarter landings.

Palmdale, CA meditek_stairlifts_curved (37K)

Lancaster meditek_outside_external_lift (36K)

External Outside Stair Lift

This specially modified lift is suitable for any stairs exposed to the elements, such as gardens or cellars.

Stand & Perch

Available on straight flights only, the Stand and Perch is ideal for anyone who may have difficulty sitting or bending their knees.

meditek_stairlifts_stand_and_perch_lift (88K)

Stairway Comfort and safety

To ensure your lift is simple and effortless to operate, MediTek stairlifts have been specifically designed with ease of use and comfort in mind. The continuously charged on-board batteries ensure that your lift will continue to operate even in the event of a mains power failure.

The product range includes a number of safety features options and accessories to ensure you will have many years of safe and reliable enjoyment and use of your stairlift.

meditek_stairlifts_safety_edge (128K)

Safety edges

Pressure sensitive edges automatically stop the lift if they sense an obstruction


The joystick makes for effortless finger light control

meditek_stairlifts_joystick (98K)

meditek_stairlifts_remote_control (112K)

Remote Controls

Wireless wall mounted or hand held remotes can be used to call and park the lift

Hinged Tracks

Manual and automatic hinged tracks fold away allowing full access to a doorway or open corridor

meditek_stairlifts_hinged (95K)

meditek_stairlifts_diagnostics (96K)


The advanced diagnostics indicates lift status and provides service information to ensure smooth, trouble free operation and minimise delays.

Seat Belts and Harnesses

All lifts come with a seat belt as standard to provide additional security with an optional range of speciality harnesses and child seats available for more details see specification Meditek Stairway Stair Climber Stair Lift sheet.

meditek_stairlifts_seat_belt_harness (75K)

meditek_stairlifts_key_switch (82K)

Meditek Stairway Stair Climber Stair Lift Key Switches

Optional key switches can be fitted to prevent unauthorised use of the lift by visitors and children

Footrest Raisers

When not in use and folded away, MediTek stairlifts, with their slim profile design, do not obstruct the stairway for use by other members of the household. Optional footrest raisers can help fold away the lift for those who have difficulty in bending

meditek_stairlifts_footrest_raiser (99K)

Other Meditek Stairway Stair Climber Stair Lift include:


Child Seat

A specially designed seat for children and infants is available; this seat can easily be replace by an adult seat when required


Space Saver Seat

A fabric backed Space Saver Seat - allows additional clearance on narrow staircases.

Seat Height Adjustment

To ensure the lift fits properly and the ride more comfortable, it has been designed with an adjustable seat height facility



Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia:  Installer & Service Man

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