Prodigy Elevating Beds

We welcome you into the family of Electropedic Elevating Beds, a family owned and operated company since 1964.  Before you buy a Elevating Bed, compare Price,Quality, Guarantee and Service.  Elevating beds are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself.  Elevating beds are designed for the ultimate in comfort, by electrically reclining your back and your legs to almost any position you desire, making the one third of your life you spend in bed, more luxurious.  Select a size for your personal use, and take a health break:  Twins, Fulls, Queens, Kings, Dual Queen and Dual Kings.  Select a Elevating bed mattress and firmness for your health use, and take a comfort break: Air, Innerspring, Latex Foam and  Tempurpedic Memory Foam.  Elevating beds are recommended for Back Condition, Arthritis, Heart, Breathing, Circulatory, Hiatal Hernia, Varicose Veins, Swelling of the Legs and Muscle Cramps.  Whether for health, sleep, watching TV or PURE COMFORT, Elevating bed owners would never sleep on anything else.  Choose from Electropedic WH2 - the World's Best-Built Electric Elevating Bed; and many sister Elevating Bed Manufacturers:  Leggett and Platt S-Cape, Prodigy and Promotion Reclining Beds; Primo; FlexABed and Reverie Reclining Beds.  At Electropedic, we've been making "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business since 1964. . . and when you've been doing the same thing for 48 years, you get pretty good at it.  Contact us today 800-551-2010.  You'll Be Glad You Did!

Prodigy Leggett & Platt Elevating Beds

Prodigy Adjustable Bed

Prodigy Adjustable Bed

Prodigy Elevating Bed

The Prodigy Elevating Beds completely redefines and modernizes the bedroom for an interactive, customizable comfort solution optimizing smart sleep and bedroom activity from a bed that knows exactly what you want.

Prodigy Adjustable BedProdigy Adjustable Bed


Benefits of an Adjustable Elevating Bed

Bedding Accessories

Leggett Platt Prodigy Elevating Bed Features

Download the iPhone� and iPod touch� application* to operate Prodigy from your device. (communication bridge sold separately)
Snore feature gives users the power to alleviate
disturbing snores by repositioning their sleeping partner.
Two-way Wi-Fi remote control with LED screen and clock.
Sleep timer allows user to gently transition from activity
position to sleep position at specified times.
Patented gentle wake alarm uses light massage to awaken the
user. Paired with an audio alarm.
Remote locator feature helps find a missing remote control.
Whisper Quiet motor allowing 600 lbs lifting capacity.

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